It is a matter of great pride and honour that MP Prosecution Department has won one more National level prestigious award - SKOCH Award. SKOCH award is a national level award and given to Govt department who has innovated the idea , implemented the scheme and produced desirable result . The award was given for development and implementation of an App called Prosecutors performance , evaluation and Review System and it is available on Google play store. MP Prosecution department has developed an unique App for performance evaluation and review the performance of prosecutors. This App has revolutionized the prosecution department. Due to this App there is remarkable improvement in conviction rate. 1-In 2018 MP Prosecution department has secured 21 capital sentence which is a national record in India. 2-In Magistrate court In IPC contested cases ,the conviction rate has crossed 61% in 2018 which is highest in India. 3-In Chinankit Apradh (Heinous offences ) scheme the conviction rate is around 70%. 4- MP prosecution has got record of fastest trial resulting in capital sentence is 5 days. 5- MP Prosecution has got record of fastest trial resulting in life imprisonment is 3 days. Last year Honr PM of India Shri Narendra Modi has quoted and appreciated success story of MP Prosecution in his speech from Red Fort on 15 Aug , later in programme MAN KI BAAT and in Forensic science university programme at Gandhinagar. MP Prosecution department has won following 12 awards in recent time. 1-Two records from Book of World Record London 2- Two records from Golden Book of records USA 3- Kalam innovation in Governance award DELHi 5- Two records in India Book of Records 4- Lokmat award JAIPUR 5- Santusthi Foundation award JAIPUR 6- National Excellence Award 2019 7- SCOCH Award -2019 -Governance Gold category 8-SCOCH Award 2019- Order of Merit Credit of all these awards goes to each and every member of prosecution department who worked day and night with poor infrastructure but produced amazing results. This is the power of teamwork which has produced in credible results.

Shri Purushottam sharma
Public Prosecution MP